ANU B.Ed 1st Semester Notes in English

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ANU B.Ed 1st Semester Notes in English

Here you will get ANU B.Ed 1st semester notes in English language. We have listed all Papers of 1st semester. You can click on any unit to get the detailed notes on that topic.

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Philosophical Foundation of Education

Units Philosophical Foundation of Education
1 Introduction to Philosophy and Education
2 Indian Education: Historical Perspective
3 Eastern Systems and Western Schools of Philosophy
4 Value Education
5 Teaching as a Profession

Perspectives In Child Development

Units Perspectives In Child Development
1 Approaches of Human Development
2 Theories of Development
3 Childhood as a period of Socialization
4 Adolescence as a period of transition
5 Individual Differences

ICT Information And Communication Technology

Units Information And Communication Technology (ICT) For Enriching Teaching And Learning
1 Information and Communication Technology (ICT)
2 ICT in Education
3 Computer Fundamentals and Applications
4 ICT Enriched Learning Experiences
5 Application of Computers in Education

Pedagogy choice : Students can either choose Maths, Social or Biological as their “Pedagogy 1” and Physical Sciences, English as their “Pedagogy 2” subjects.

For more details on the Syllabus and Question Pattern you can check : ANU B.Ed Details Syllabus 2022

Pedagogy of Mathematics

Units Pedagogy of Mathematics
1 Meaning, Nature, and Scope of Mathematics
2 Aims and objectives of Teaching Mathematics
3 Methods, Approaches and Strategies in Teaching and Learning of Mathematical Concepts
4 Planning for Teaching – Learning Mathematics
5 Learning Resources in Mathematics

Pedagogy Of Social Sciences

Units Pedagogy Of Social Sciences
1 Social Sciences as an integrated area of Study
2 Aims Objectives and Academic Standards of Social Sciences
3 Approaches, Methods, Strategies and Techniques of Teaching Social Sciences
4 Planning in Teaching Social Sciences
5 Teaching Learning Resources in Social Sciences

Pedagogy of Biological Sciences

Units Pedagogy of Biological Sciences
1 Introduction to Science
2 Aims and Values of Biological Science
3 Objectives of Teaching Biological Science
4 Methods and Techniques of Teaching Biological Science
5 Planning for Teaching Biological Science

Pedagogy Of Physical Sciences

Units Pedagogy Of Physical Sciences
1 Introduction to Science and Physical Sciences
2 Development of Science – Physical Sciences
3 Aims. Objectives and competencies of Teaching Physical Sciences
4 Approaches, Methods and Techniques of Teaching Physical Sciences
5 Planning for Teaching Physical Sciences

Pedagogy Of English

Units Pedagogy Of English
1 Introduction to ELT
2 Methods and Approaches in ELT
3 Listening and Speaking Skills
4 Reading and Writing Skills
5 Developing integrated skills and use of ICT in English Language Teaching

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