Crack OSSC CGL Exam at 1st Attempt : Notes and Study Plans

5 tips to prepare with OSSC CGL Notes to score 140+ in Upcoming OSSC CGL Exam. Download PDF Notes, Exercises and Revision Charts in Odia & English Medium.

OSSC CGL Exam 2024

The Odisha Staff Selection Commission (OSSC) Combined Graduate Level (CGL) examination is a highly competitive for job aspirants in Odisha. The key to cracking this exam lies in effective preparation and thorough understanding of the subjects covered. In this article, we will delve into the essential techniques to take concise yet comprehensive notes, aiding your OSSC CGL journey towards success.

The OSSC CGL examination encompasses multiple subjects like General English, General Studies, Mathematics, and Reasoning, among others. Each subject demands in-depth knowledge and a strategic approach to retain crucial information. The sheer magnitude of information often leaves aspirants feeling anxious, confused, and demotivated. Additionally, the lack of a well-organized study plan can lead to scattered and incomplete notes.

OSSC CGL Tips and Tricks

Taking effective notes is a skill that can significantly enhance your preparation and comprehension of the subjects. Here’s a step-by-step guide to creating impactful OSSC CGL notes:

Organizing Your Materials :

  • Gather textbooks and study guides recommended for the OSSC CGL exam.
  • Compile relevant online resources, such as official websites, video lectures, and practice tests.

Divide and Conquer :

  • Create separate sections for each subject, such as General English, General Studies, Mathematics, and Reasoning.
  • Within each subject, further divide topics into sub-topics for easy reference.

Keep It Concise :

  • Avoid copying verbatim from textbooks; instead, rephrase concepts in your own words.
  • Use bullet points or short sentences to convey information succinctly.

Use Visual Aids :

  • Utilize flowcharts to illustrate processes, sequences, or step-by-step procedures.
  • Create diagrams and graphs to represent statistical data and trends in subjects like General Studies.
  • Employ mind maps to connect related concepts and show their interrelationships.

Highlight Key Points :

  • Use different colored highlighters to distinguish between different types of information, such as definitions, formulas, and important facts.
  • Underline or bold crucial points to draw attention to essential information.

Include Examples :

  • Supplement your notes with real-life examples that illustrate the application of concepts
  • Add practice questions and solutions to test your understanding and reinforce learning.

Create Mnemonics :

  • Develop mnemonic devices, such as acronyms or rhymes, to memorize lists, formulas, or rules effortlessly.
  • Make sure the mnemonics are easy to recall and understand.

Regular Revision :

  • Schedule regular study sessions to review and revise your notes consistently.
  • Set aside dedicated time each day or week for revisions to enhance memory retention.

Remember, taking comprehensive notes is not just about writing down information. It is a process of active learning, comprehension, and consolidation. As you create your notes, engage with the content, and ensure that you understand the concepts thoroughly.

Additionally, while note-taking is crucial, it is equally important to complement it with regular practice. Solve practice questions, previous year’s papers, and mock tests to gauge your progress and identify areas that need improvement. By integrating practice with your notes, you can fine-tune your understanding and boost your exam performance.

Furthermore, stay disciplined and maintain a positive attitude throughout your preparation. The OSSC CGL exam demands consistency, dedication, and perseverance. Avoid procrastination and distractions, and stay committed to your study schedule.

OSSC CGL Exam : Steps to get Notes

Below are the Steps that you can follow to get the OSSC CGL Notes in Subject Wise and Point Wise :

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  2. After Successful Registration you can find your Course at the Menu.
  3. Click on your Course and you will be redirect to your Course Page.
  4. On the Course Page you will find links to all the Subjects. Just Choose the subjects you like to read.
  5. You will also get PDFs, charts and some infographics related to the Notes.
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OSSC CGL Notes : Subject & Topic wise

OSSC CGL Consists of Subjects like Data Interpretation, Arithmetic, logical Reasoning, computer and Internet Awareness and Current Affairs. After successful registration you will get notes on the above subjects.

Conclusion :

Effective note-taking is a cornerstone of successful OSSC CGL preparation. By organizing your materials, summarizing information, using visual aids, highlighting key points, providing examples, creating mnemonics, and revising regularly, you can create a powerful study tool that will help you grasp complex concepts with ease.

Approach your OSSC CGL journey with determination and a well-structured plan. Embrace the challenge with enthusiasm and focus, knowing that your well-crafted notes will be your trusted companion on the road to success. So, go ahead, unlock your potential, and conquer the OSSC CGL exam with confidence!

What are the Subjects include in OSSC CGL Exam ?

OSSC CGL Consists of Subjects like Data Interpretation, Arithmetic, logical Reasoning, computer and Internet Awareness and Current Affairs.

What is the Cut off marks for OSSC CGL?

The average Cutoff marks for OSSC CGL Exam are :
General : 80-90
EWS : 75-85
PWD: 55-65
SC : 65-75

What is the salary of Ossc CGL officer?

The sallary for OSSC CGL Officer ranges from ₹35,400 – ₹1,12,400 for Group B posts and ₹19,900 – ₹63,200 for Group C posts.

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