“Sociological Foundations of Education” is an essential subject designed for B.Ed (Bachelor of Education) students, commonly found during the second semester of the course. It explores the intricate relationship between education and society, providing insights into how various social factors like culture, class, and gender influence the educational process.

It examines how our society’s norms and structures influence the teaching-learning process. By reading this Subject, B.Ed students gain a deeper understanding of the connections between education and the world around them, enhancing their preparation for a career in teaching and educational leadership.

Therefore, here we have provided the Complete Unit-Wise Notes on Sociological Foundation of Education.

Unit-II: Culture and Education

Unit-III: Social Change and Education

Unit-IV: Democracy and Education

Unit-V: Education and National Integration

Hope you find this collection of notes enjoyable. If we haven’t covered any topics you’re looking for, feel free to ask us in the comment section. Join our Telegram Channel for more Notes.

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