ANU B.Ed 3rd Sem Notes

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ANU B.Ed 3rd Sem Notes

ANU B.Ed 3rd semester consists of total four papers which includes two Pedagogy Papers and two Compulsory Papers. Students has to choose their Pedagogy Papers same as they has chosen in 1st semester.

    Paper X (any one)
  • Pedagogy Of Mathematics
  • Pedagogy Of Biological Sciences
  • Pedagogy Of Social Sciences

  • Paper XI (any one)
  • Pedagogy Of Physical Sciences
  • Pedagogy Of English
  • Pedagogy Of Telugu

  • Paper XII (compulsory)
  • Learning Assessment

  • Paper XIII (compulsory)
  • Understanding The Self

Below we have provided the ANU B.Ed 3rd Sem Notes for each subject paper. Just select your paper and click on any unit to get the detailed notes on that.

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Pedagogy Of Mathematics

Units Pedagogy Of Mathematics
1 Mathematics Curriculum
2 Language and Aesthetic sense of Mathematics
3 Assessment and Evaluation
4 Mathematics for all
5 Professional Development in Mathematics Teacher

Pedagogy Of Social Sciences

Units Pedagogy Of Social Sciences
1 Teaching and Learning of Geography and Economics
2 Teaching Learning of History and Political Science
3 Social Science Curriculum
4 Teaching Learning Material in Social Sciences
5 Evaluation in Learning Social Sciences

Pedagogy Of Biological Sciences

Units Pedagogy Of Biological Sciences
1 Biological Science Curriculum and Textbooks
2 Biological Science Laboratory
3 Teaching Learning Materials
4 Resources for Teaching Biological Science
5 Evaluation in Biological Science

Pedagogy Of Physical Sciences

Units Pedagogy Of Physical Sciences
1 Science Curriculum and Textbooks
2 Instructional Material for Physical Sciences Teaching
3 Lifelong Physical Sciences Learning
4 Professional Development of Physical Sciences Teachers
5 Evaluation in Physical Science

Pedagogy Of English

Units Pedagogy Of English
1 Language across Curriculum
2 Teaching of Grammar
3 Teaching Vocabulary, Study and Reference skills
4 Introduction to Phonetics
5 Language Assessment and Evaluation

Learning Assessment

Units Learning Assessment
1 Perspectives on Assessment and Evaluation
2 Formative and Summative Assessment
3 Tools of Assessment
4 Planning, Construction, Administration and Reporting of assessment
5 Issues, Concerns and Trends in Assessment and Evaluation

Understanding The Self

Units Understanding The Self
1 Self as a human resource
2 Self in relation to social identities
3 Self (person) as a part of the Nature
4 Self in relation to profession
5 Self- development through self-learning

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