Meaning Nature and Scope of Mathematics

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Meaning Nature and Scope of Mathematics

Mathematics is the systematic study of the measurement, calculations, relationships, and properties of quantities and sets, using numbers and symbols. The branches of mathematics are arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and calculus.

Mathematics has its roots in everyday activities and forms the basic structure of our highly advanced technological developments. Mathematics plays an important role in accelerating the social, economical and technological growth of the nation.

Meaning of Mathematics

The term ‘Mathematics’ is defined in a number of ways.

The term ‘Mathematics’ is derived from the Greek word ‘Mathema’ which means “that which is learnt”. It came from the ancient Greeks.

In Sanskrit Language, Mathematics is called as ‘Ganitham’ which means the ‘sum’. The term ‘Ganitham’ is further derived from the Sanskrit word ‘Gan’ which means ‘counting’. So it is related to the Science of Calculation.

In the modern period, Mathematics is defined as an exact science which is related to measurements, calculations, discovering relationships and dealing with the problems of space.

Definition of Mathematics from different authors :

Mathematics is defined in different ways by different great scholars and Mathematicians.

  • According to Aristotle: “Mathematics is the study of quantity”
  • According to Gauss : “Mathematics is the queen of Sciences and arithmetic is the queen of all Mathematics”
  • According to Bacon : “Mathematics is the gateway and key to all Sciences”
  • According to Locke : “Mathematics is a way to settle in the mind a habit of reasoning “
  • According to Bertrand Russel : “Mathematics is a subject identical with logic”
  • According to Galileo: ” Mathematics is the language in which God has written the universe.”

Nature of Mathematics

  1. Mathematics has its own language. It includes various Mathematical concepts, terms, symbols, formulae, and Principles. It converts the lengthy statement into the point, clear and exact expression of facts.
    e.g. The statement “The lines p and q are parallel to each other” can be represented as p//q in a simple way.
  2. It is universally accepted. The concept of Mathematics remains the same in the whole universe, everywhere and every time. It is not changeable.
  3. It deals with precision and accuracy. Mathematics is known as exact science because of its precision. The results in Mathematics are either right or wrong, yes or no, accepted or rejected. Its concepts are always clear, logical, and systematic and that may be understood easily.
  4. Mathematics is the Science of logical reasoning. It means the results in Mathematics are developed through a process of reasoning. It involves inductive and deductive reasoning.
  5. Mathematics is the study of structures. A Mathematical structure is a Mathematical system with one or more explicitly recognised properties. Mathematics has definite logical structures, which ensure the beauty and order of Mathematics. Number system, group, field, ring vector, space etc are all examples of Mathematical structures.
  6. Mathematics deals with Generalisations. The generalisations of Mathematics are made with the help of available data. Formulae, theorems, rules and regulations are examples of generalisation.
  7. Mathematics is logical. According to Russell and Whitehead, Mathematics is logical. It studies the relationship between statements and draws logical inferences. Best example for this is Euclidean geometry.

Scope of Mathematics

The scope of Mathematics is very vast and wide. Without Mathematics we will remain too much disabled in our daily life.

It focuses on the development of appropriate abilities, appreciation, and positive attitude.

The scope of Mathematics is as follows: Mathematics plays its important role in the following ways.

  • In leading daily life
  • In performing any profession
  • In learning any subject
  • In developing technology
  • In developing intellectual powers
  • In meeting one’s varying interest
  • In becoming self dependent
  • In developing various skills

Therefore, All the advantages and values of Mathematics can be considered as the scope of Mathematics. The correlation of Mathematics with other subjects like Sciences and Social Sciences can also be included in the scope of Mathematics.

Questions on Meaning Nature and Scope of Mathematics

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